Full Tilt Poker

Sam Farha, Please.

“Please, Mr. Farha. Let’s go hit the casinos together.”

That’s pretty much what I want to accomplish with this (I realise this) egocentric website. I want to meet my poker idol, I want to play poker with my poker idol, and I want to achieve this in the only realistic way possible: by begging. ;) Hell, at this point I’d be overjoyed to play online poker with him while chatting over a coffee! Is that too much to ask?

I understand I have little chance of succeeding, but on the few pages this website is made up of, I will try to build my case, and hope to get some backing from the online poker blogosphere and the poker world. If the message can find its way to Sam Farha, half of the mission is accomplished — but it’ll be the toughest part of the mission too. It’s the part you can help with: please, help me spread the word. It’s not like I am asking him to pay my way to the WSOP, just a nice couple of hands at the Wynn or Bellagio will do (no, I won’t settle for an Maple Casino or a session of Kerching Blackjack)!

Once Mr. Farha ended up here, it’s up to me to convince him. Read my letter to him right here — and feel free to let me know your ideas by sending me an e-mail.

Sam, if you’re reading this, consider it — please! If you decide you don’t feel like doing this: no worries, I’ll survive! ;-)

[UPDATE] A couple years after launching this site – I bet at least some people in Sammy’s inner circle have made it to this page. I’m still hoping, but I realize it’s going to be tough to actually convince him to go and gamble with me. Oh well – maybe in two more years, right?!